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Unrepresented Music is an ndependent music organisation based in Brighton, UK, specialising in unique alternative music and live performance. Although we are non-genre specific, we are particularly interested in the fusion of electronic music with traditional band music.

We were established in the summer of 2011 to provide support & services for artists and music styles that do not fit neatly into stereotypical genre boxes, and therefore have no professional representation. We offer a range of services for artist and label development such as management, social media enhancement, press release, video & media construction, visual imaging and website design. All these services are tailored to help you to make your project that best that it can be!

We adapt our services for each artist according to what they want from their music, therefore providing an all encompassing organisation for all aspects of artist development. For some we are a record label; releasing alternative music in multiple formats throughout the world, for others we are a booking agency; promoting fresh talent professionally to global events & promoters, and for others we are simply there to help.

We also hold and run Unrepresented Music events, showcasing original alternative music in a live environment. Every artist is different and we hold their values and commitments at the core of our work.

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