NEW RELEASE: Decompression Magazine Issue#3 is live!               EVENT: Petrol Bastard invade Brighton, UK               EVENT: Decompression's new showcase events...XPOSYA!              
Unrepresented Music is an independent music organisation based in Brighton, UK, specialising in unique alternative music and live performance. Although we are non-genre specific, we are particularly interested in the fusion of electronic music with traditional band music. 

We were established in the summer of 2011 to provide support & services for artists and music styles that do not fit neatly into stereotypical genre boxes, and therefore have no professional representation.

Since then, we have focused on organising regular events in the UK and Europe and in late 2012 we founded Decompression Magazine, a physical print magazine dedicated to underground music and subculture, beyond genre limitation. This currently takes up most of our time.